The volunteer super-spy: How a German businessman stole the newest US missile for Moscow

In an effort to save his construction company from going under Manfred Ramminger volunteered to become a Soviet agent

Soviet intelligence officers were used to agents who were ideology-driven. Many super-spies obtained top secret information motivated by their political beliefs and, what they saw as, working for the good of mankind. Others were in it for the money.

One way or another, the life of a real spy has little in common with world-famous James Bond movies. Sometimes intelligence services recruit even the least likely candidates. Something like that happened in the late 1960s when Manfred Ramminger, a German architect, race car driver, and playboy, volunteered to steal the newest US missile for the USSR.

Even more incredible was that he shipped it over to the other side of the iron curtain via regular mail.

Businessman, playboy, Soviet spy

A resident of West Germany, Ramminger had a taste for life’s pleasures. As an enterprising architect he ..Read More..

Source:: RT All