‘Ugly reality’: Iran’s FM spokesman accuses Saudi Arabia of being chief source of ‘bigotry, hatred & terrorism’ in region


The spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry, Saeed Khatibzadeh, has accused Saudi Arabia of being the main hub for training terrorists in the region, while responding angrily to earlier critical remarks by his Saudi counterpart.

“For decades, Wahhabism – nurtured by colonial powers – has been the source of bigotry, hatred & terrorism in our region – and beyond,” he tweeted on Thursday. “Fact: Every terrorist group in our region has graduated from Saudi-funded Madrassas.”

Khatibzadeh mentioned “their atrocities in Yemen, & the infamous Khashoggi case are just some of their other stunts,” and added that “Saudis must change course. The policy of inflaming tension is no longer …read more