Sanders threatens to hold up $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus over ‘anti-worker’ bias


Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders says he is willing to stall the already much-delayed coronavirus stimulus plan if more restrictions are not placed on the “$500 million corporate welfare fund.”

Sanders says the “anti-worker objections” from several Republicans over proposed unemployment benefits in the bill have him ready to delay the whole process.

“Unless these Republican Senators drop their objections, I am prepared to put a hold on this bill until stronger conditions are imposed on the $500 billion corporate welfare fund,” Sanders said in a statement on Wednesday, responding to several GOP lawmakers who said the generous unemployment provisions might incentivize Americans not to work.

Stocks tumble into the close after Bernie Sanders threatens to put a hold on the coronavirus stimulus bill; Nasdaq turns negative and Dow up only 480 points after surging 1,300 earlier

— CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) March 25, 2020

He added he will make sure corporations are not allowed to “lay off …read more